Website Uptime Monitoring

  • Wednesday, 9th February, 2022
  • 00:48am

Utixo is focused on the supply and creation of services that guarantee quality, safety and reliability to companies.

With this in mind, we announce the availability of a website monitoring service that protects customers' digital identity.

Down detector is a specific monitoring platform for websites but also for any IP device such as a server or other device.

The unavailable website has many negative aspects, among which we highlight:

  • Loss of money: if you have an e-commerce and the potential customer clicks on your advertisement, you have paid the CPC and also if you have the wrong site, you have lost the conversion and contact despite having paid the CPC service.

  • Loss of credibility: the unavailable site lowers the level of customer confidence and gives the perception of low security, factors which are especially important for sites that process customer data.

  • Loss of indexing: google regularly checks the content of the site if it finds it offline, penalizes it and lowers the ranking.

  • Intrusions and site alterations create considerable damage if not promptly identified.

In addition, the product also checks the performance of servers, an equally important factor that customers appreciate very much.

The control and measurement of response times is carried out by "probes" located in different countries that access the site exactly as a normal user would do. We have probes in more countries in addition to the standard probe located in the EU.

The result is a graph that indicates the average response times of the website during the day, week, month, allowing you to ascertain any drops in performance.

In this way the site is under 24x365 control and warns the customer in case of anomalies and a list of contacts that you will establish through multiple systems, i.e. email notification, sms or specific app for smartphones. 

Utixo down detector allows you to check the uptime and performance of websites both hosted by Utixo and other providers. You can also request the automatic opening of a ticket at Utixo for a direct intervention by our technical department.

To activate the service it takes a few seconds and the configuration is very simple.

Utixo offers the service as an addon to your hosting or you can buy the product stand alone.

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