Microsoft 365: what does it include? You probably only use 20% of its potential

  • 12th December 2023
In this article you will discover the entire Microsoft ecosystem and the Office package: what it includes and how to exploit it to its fullest potential. Microsoft 365 is much more than a standard productivity suite. In fact, for businesses, this platform offers a set of powerful and fundamental applications that go far beyond daily ...
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Is it necessary to backup Microsoft 365?

  • 9th November 2023
Microsoft and its cloud services are now present in most business environments. It is a product capable of improving various work aspects, in particular, collaboration and internal and external communication of the organization. It is therefore necessary to know what the Microsoft 365 backup process included in the package consists of, in order ...
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Exclusive: a true Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 comparison

  • 14th September 2023
In the transition towards digitalisation and the cloud, an important step is certainly the choice of email system and file system: Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 is a necessary comparison. Choosing the right mail system is the basis for a business organization oriented towards increasing productivity and efficiency. Companies must choose the ...
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Corporate cloud: the T&T Sistemi case history

  • 30th August 2023
Let's analyze another successful case of Utixo in which the corporate cloud infrastructure of the T&T Sistemi group is managed. The Arezzo-based company entrusts Utixo with mail control (Exchange), the file system (OneDrive), messaging security (email security suite) and Endpoint security (Defender). It mainly concerns the migration from the ...
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