Serverweb restyling: let yourself be guided by this new digital adventure!

  • Thursday, 25th May, 2023
  • 15:20pm

Utixo is pleased to share the exciting new look of Serverweb, our online shop complete with hosting products and services, dedicated servers, VPS and much more!

What makes Serverweb so special? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Intuitive user interface: we have redesigned the site with particular attention to usability, to make the purchase process even easier and more enjoyable with just a few clicks.
  • Modern Design: We've adopted a fresh, modern new look to reflect evolving web design trends. The site is now visually appealing and offers a high quality viewing experience.
  • Simplified navigation: we have optimized the site structure to make navigation even easier and more intuitive. Each section has been organized in a logical way, allowing you to easily find the products and services of interest.

We are thrilled to share this new stage in our journey. The restyling of the Serverweb site was created thinking of you, our customers, and of the desire to always offer you the best. Together with Serverweb, we can turn your digital ambitions into reality.

Discover all the fantastic offers we have in store for you!

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