Company email migration service to Microsoft 365: the case of F.lli Bettinelli S.p.a.

  • Monday, 31st July, 2023
  • 10:05am


With the Microsoft 365 migration service, we mean the transfer of mail data between different servers (data migration), a source and a recipient. A typical example is what happens from Google Workspace to Microsoft365.

More precisely, it involves moving e-mails, attachments, contacts, calendars and to-do-lists from one mail system to another, without incurring data loss or service interruption for users. In fact, it can be a complex process depending on the platforms involved and the amount of data to be transferred.

Therefore, email migration, especially if corporate, is a delicate operation. It requires proper planning with established methodologies and careful execution with the involvement of IT experts to ensure that everything runs smoothly and without any problems.


The multinational company Bettinelli wanted Utixo as a technological partner. We manage and make available all the resources necessary to support corporate IT operations, accompanying the customer in business transformation through cloud computing.

Bettinelli F.lli S.p.a. was born in 1953 in Crema as a mechanical workshop specialized in the turning of small metal parts. Between 2000 and 2012 it expands on the global automation market, opening offices in strategic territories with the aim of promoting its products in a more widespread way. In 2017, during the annual assembly of Confindustria Cremona, it was recognized as a "company that makes innovation a strong point" and rewarded for the investments made in digital infrastructures.

The business need was to switch to a more reliable, secure email infrastructure capable of meeting business demands, thus abandoning the old, by now inefficient, system based on Zimbra technology. Therefore, we have developed a mail migration project from Zimbra to Microsoft 365. Choosing to subscribe to a Microsoft 365 business subscription brings numerous advantages, such as increased company productivity, total integration with the Windows infrastructure and better protection against cyber threats.


Thanks to a series of innovative procedures developed over the years, Utixo has become extremely efficient in the migration process to Office 365, now known as Microsoft 365. In fact, a series of scripts and automations are used, created and configured by Utixo technicians specifically to simplify and speed up the process and lower its cost.

The experience of Utixo technicians covers projects of various sizes, complexities and transfers from different source email systems. Migrating from Gmail to Microsoft 365 is currently popular, and we also have a detailed white paper on how to optimize it.

The Microsoft 365 migration project

A specific project is always created for each migration starting with an analysis of the current mail system, evaluating the number of accounts to be migrated and the size of the mailboxes. Next, you need to prepare the migration environment. Once the migration environment is ready, you can proceed with romance and mail data transfer. This phase uses highly automated specific tools such as IMAPSYNC. During this important step, constant monitoring is carried out to verify that the process is running smoothly and to intervene promptly in case of any errors. Finally, the project concludes with the verification of the correct execution and the verification that all the functionalities are available as expected.

Timing and scheduling of data transfer

It is necessary to link the migration times together with the customer in order to eliminate downtime and any inconvenience for the users of the company. Synchronization is done in a gradual and controlled way, in order to minimize any problems that may arise during the process.

The strategy adopted by Utixo

The proposed solution ensures maximum security and business continuity for the company, without compromising employee productivity. Utixo has an exclusive and tested mailbox migration technique allowing the customer to work for a period of time in a mixed environment without service interruptions.

The transfer will be shipped box by box and/or in a batch of 5-10 boxes, depending on business needs. This is done through the use of our unique mail routing solution. This, in fact, allows the old mail system and the new mail system to work at the same time. This means chap and the migration occurs without creating downtime for the business.


In conclusion, if you are thinking of performing a secure migration to Microsoft 365, or to another email system, it is important to rely on focused and specialized companies such as Utixo, which has been managing even very complex migrations with efficient and tested methodologies for years.

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