New Cloud Monitoring service per WHM

  • Tuesday, 26th March, 2019
  • 13:14pm

Utixo is now offering a new cloud monitoring service for WHM, in addition to CPU, memory, disk usage and many other standard parameters it can monitor and track other WHM specific parameters like email queue that gives you the number of email waiting in queue and Cpanel services status.

The service is based on Zabbix platform and It requires the installation of an agent on the monitored server, after the installation the data collection and the monitoring will start.

Thresholds are predefined by our experience but you can ask us for different values, the standard notification route is via email but optionally we can notify also via Telegram or SMS.

It is important to remark that the historical view of all the vital parameter give you a precise view of your server health, gives you also evidence of bottlenecks and it is an important source of information for sizing and performance improvement.

Some monitored parameters are:

  • Apache bytes per request

  • Apache bytes per second

  • Apache CPU Load

  • Apache requests per Second

  • Apache Thea

  • CPU Utilization

  • CPU load

  • Disk space usage

  • Disk space usage /boot

  • Disk space usage /home

  • Disk space usage /var/tmp

  • Memory usage

  • Message Queue

  • MySql bandwith

  • MySql operations

  • Network traffic


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