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Upgrade to paid Google Workspace

Google G Suite is no longer on the market, so you need to upgrade to the new Google Workspace suite. Below is the procedure:

- Sign in to the Google Admin Console (sign in using an administrator account).

- In the Admin Console, go to Menu ->  Billing  -> Add more services.

- For the subscription you're interested in, click Change.

- Review the impact of this change and click Get Started.

- Select a payment plan:

--> Flexible plan: you can pay based on the number of users you have each month and add or remove them, without a long-term commitment.

--> Annual plan (monthly payment): requires signing up for a one-year contract. Payments are made monthly for a number of users you commit to in advance, with the ability to add additional users as you need. You can increase the number of users by using the total users field. If you select this plan, billing begins immediately.

- Click Checkout.

- Enter your billing information click Place Order.


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