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To delegate the management of your Microsoft 365 account to Utixo, the tenant owner must authorize Utixo through the use of a link. There are 2 levels of possible delegation:

  • Delegation for license management only, in this case Utixo will only be able to add and manage Microsoft licenses without having other access permissions to the tenant. It is the solution to use when Utixo is not responsible for assistance outside of licensing.
  • Full access, in this case Utixo will be able to manage licenses and also provide assistance on all aspects of Microsoft 365, create boxes, manage problems, create distribution lists and also manage tickets. This is Utixo's preferred mode.

Once the management level has been indicated, Utixo will send the relevant links, one which authorizes the management of licenses only and a possible second link which authorizes total access which the customer must approve.

By opening the link you must use a "tenant admin" account to be able to delegate and confirm the delegation. From then on Utixo will be able to provide the service.

The delegation must be repeated by the owner after a certain period of time, typically every 2 years.

The operation is purely administrative, it does not involve any technical reconfiguration nor does it alter the existing service in any way, the delegation concerns exclusively the billing procedures.

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