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You may want to change the IP address used to send outbound mail on your cPanel & WHM system. This guide explains how to do this; note that you must have root access to the system to make these changes.


  • Log in to WHM.
  • Navigate to Exim Configuration Manager.
  • Make sure the following option is enabled:
    Reference /etc/mailips for outgoing SMTP connections
  • In SSH, edit the /etc/mailips file and add the following line, replacing with the IP address from which outbound messages should be sent. (NOTE: If you are using a system with a NAT network configuration, enter the private IP address): *:

With this code, you configure Exim to send mail for all domains from the IP address on your system.

If you have multiple IPs and you would like to specify a different IP for some domains, you can do so with a configuration similar to the following:




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