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It is possible to create a CSR for apache2 via the command line where there is no web interface specifically created for this purpose.

You need to access the server in SSH mode, type the following command:

openssl req -new -newkey rsa: 2048 -nodes -keyout domain .key -out domain .csr

Replace  domain  with the domain name you want to protect with the certificate. For example, if your domain name is , type  example .key and  example .csr.

Enter the required information, i.e .:

  • Common Name: The fully qualified domain name or URL you want to protect.
    If you require a wildcard certificate, add an asterisk (*) to the left of the common name for the wildcard, for example  * .
  • Organization: The name under which your company was legally registered. If you are applying as an individual, enter the applicant's certificate name.
  • Organizational unit: If applicable, enter the DBA name (invented name).
  • City or Locality: The name of the city where your organization is registered / located. Don't use abbreviations.
  • Country or Province: The name of the country or province where your organization is located. Don't use abbreviations.
  • Country: The  two-letter ISO country code  corresponding to the country where your business is legally registered.

Next open the CSR request in a text editor and copy all the text and paste the entire CSR request into your account's SSL request form.

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