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As part of our Email Security Gateway solution, Libraesva UrlSand Defense actively blocks malicious email URLs to protect against spear-phishing attacks, zero-day exploits, and ransomware. Every URL, not just the uncategorized ones, in every email is protected. On every device. Extend link protection when you log in, not just when the email arrives.

Our URLSand sandbox isn't just an additional time-of-click blacklist check, it's a full page scan, detecting deeply nested malware and suspicious pages that scan obfuscated content and follow all redirects!

The links within the emails are rewritten to ensure their security by passing them through a control system.

once the link is rewritten, the service remains active even if the Sandbox is disabled, or if the appliance is not renewed.

In any case, the original link is easily recoverable, starting from the rewritten link a Decode URL is created (eg: ), and the link is the   parameter of the querystring.





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