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Once you have subscribed to the Utixo service for Dedicated Mail Server, you will receive an email (at the address provided) where the administrator credentials are specified, these will be necessary to log in to the Libra Esva Control Panel.

In the Home tab, that is the main page of the panel, the aggregated data (daily and weekly) referring to the messages controlled by Libra Esva are listed. You will be able to monitor the graphs and data on messages blocked by Viruses or SPAM or Clean messages, i.e. clean and free from risks.

All emails considered not clean by the system or SPAM, HISPAM, Viruses or emails that come from blacklisted mailboxes or domains will be entered in the Quarantine tab.

To check the cause of the block and the assigned SPAM score, click on the envelope icon on the left.
By clicking on the icon with two yellow arrows, however, it is possible to release an email that is in quarantine but which we believe is not to be blocked; in doing so it will be forwarded to the recipient.

Quarantined emails released to recipients will be considered as normal mail and therefore not classified as SPAM but as Clean email.
To insert or delete email addresses or entire domains in the Blacklist or Whitelist, you need to go to the System tab and from the Content Analysis menu select the White & Black list item.

Then click on the New button at the top left and manually insert a box or a domain in the whitelist or blacklist.
To do this, you need the following information:
  • In the From Adress section, specify the email address or domain to black or white list;
  • In the To Adress section, specify the email addresses of the recipients to whom the rule will then be active.
When it is necessary to set this rule to all domains of the mail server, the To Adress section must contain the default value;
if, on the other hand, it is addressed to a single domain, only the domain name concerned must be specified in the To Adress section.

Once all these elements have been specified and then the black and white list has been created, it can be modified using the yellow pencil icon or the red trash can icon to delete it directly.
If you want to delete multiple rules at the same time, you need to select them by clicking the box on the left of each row and clicking Delete Selected (red basket) located at the top of the table.

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