Installing the Utixo (OpenVPN) VPN client on Windows Print

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Utixo provides the possibility to connect your virtual cloud servers with your corporate network in order to create a single protected and private network.

To access this private network from an external PC you need to install a special VPN client, below are the instructions on how to proceed for Windows PCs:

  1. Download the installation file from the link indicated in the service activation email and install it by confirming each step.
  2. Run the downloaded file the following message will appear:
  3. Click on "More information" and then confirm the execution (run anyway)
  4. When the installation program starts, confirm with "Install"
  5. Follow the various installation steps until the final screen.
  6. Run the VPN Client you just installed

    Use the user and password provided by Utixo to activate the VPN and access your Virtual Private Network, if correctly opened, the VPN has a green icon on the bottom right. At this point you can work as if you were in the company

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