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Creating subscription forms in Pulse is easy!

You can create and modify forms from the Subscription Forms page:

  • First, make sure you have completed you Pulse profile setup and created one or more Contact Groups
  • Click on the Create New button
  • Give your form a name, this is for your reference and will not be publicly displayed
  • Choose which Contact Groups this for will subscribe contacts to
  • Save the form
  • You can now copy fhe Form URL and insert it as a link to the subscription page on your website (e.g. a button or image) 

If you would rather host the form on your website instead of linking to the subscription page hosted on Pulse read the next section.

Hosting the form on your website

The easy and basic way to have contacts subscribe to your newsletter from your website is to link to the Form URL with a button on you site.

However, if you would like to display the form on your website instead of linking to the subscription page hosted on Pulse, you can copy the Form HTML and place it wherever you like in your site's source HTML.

Please note:

In order to host the form on your website you will need to provide your own Google ReCaptcha Site Key and Secret Key. Read the following section for more info.

Google ReCaptha keys

If you are simply using the Form URL to link from your website to the subscription page on Pulse, you don't need to fill the ReCaptcha Site Key and ReCaptcha Secret Key fields when creating the form.

If you want to host the form on your website though, you will need to provide your own ReCaptcha Keys. Those keys have to be enabled for the domain on which the form will be hosted (your website's domain).

To obtain your ReCaptcha Keys go to (you may need to create a new Google developer account if you don't yet have one):

  • Register a new site
  • Choose V2 as a ReCaptcha type, "I'm not a robot" tickbox
  • Add your domain name to the domains, the form and its ReCaptcha will only work on the domains listed here
  • Accept the ReCaptcha terms of service and submit
  • You will now be able to see your Site Key and Secret Key, copy and paste them to your form on Pulse
  • You are now set to include the form on your website!

Customising forms

When you first create a subscription form on Pulse the form will contain input fields for email address, first and last name.

If you want your form to look different you can customise it to include different fields, headings and text, and you can also have inputs for your own custom Contact Fields!

  • After you have created a form, click on the Compose Form button
  • In the form editor you will be able to edit, delete or duplicate existing fields
  • To add new fields or elements like headings or text blocks, drag and drop components from the right panel in your form
  • All input fields except email address and the subscribe button can be set as required or optional
  • To make sure the form will appear consistent with your website's css styling, you can edit the form's elements and set their css class
  • Save the form and copy the updated Form HTML, you are now ready to paste the generated HTML in your website

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