Company email migration service to Microsoft 365: the case of F.lli Bettinelli S.p.a.

  • 31st July 2023
WHAT DOES COMPANY MAIL MIGRATION MEAN? With the Microsoft 365 migration service, we mean the transfer of mail data between different servers (data migration), a source and a recipient. A typical example is what happens from Google Workspace to Microsoft365. More precisely, it involves moving e-mails, attachments, contacts, calendars and ...
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Microsoft 365 business buying guide for SMB: which version to buy?

  • 10th July 2023
When and how was Microsoft 365 born? First, let's clarify a bit. In April 2020, Microsoft Corporation officially rebranded Office 365 to Microsoft 365. Going back: the first version of Office was born in 1989, announced by Bill Gates in Las Vegas. Office is a suite of productivity software. It includes a set of desktop and online applications ...
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Serverweb restyling: let yourself be guided by this new digital adventure!

  • 25th May 2023
Utixo is pleased to share the exciting new look of Serverweb, our online shop complete with hosting products and services, dedicated servers, VPS and much more! What makes Serverweb so special? Here are some of the highlights: Intuitive user interface: we have redesigned the site with particular attention to usability, to make the purchase ...
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Pulse diventa un’applicazione Fatture in Cloud

  • 22nd May 2023
Siamo lieti di annunciare l'integrazione tra Pulse, la nostra piattaforma di email marketing, e FattureInCloud, il famoso software online di fatturazione e gestione della contabilità. Non hai un gestionale? Utilizzi Fatture in Cloud per organizzare le anagrafiche di clienti e fornitori e vorresti comunicare velocemente con loro? Abbiamo la ...
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