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When registering a domain, it is not only the name to be chosen, but also where to register it and to whom to entrust its management, or to choose who is best able to meet the desired technical and performance needs.
The quality of the services offered, their cost, the security, speed and reliability of the servers are all determining factors for the choice of the technological partner to whom to entrust the domain.

The domain is the basis on which ALL the services support, i.e. website, mail and possibly also VPS and all configured cloud services.

Here we analyze the main issues of the transfer.

Website Transfer

Transferring the website requires access to the site files (FTP) and possibly to the Database depending on the technology with which the website uses. Some sites only have static html pages and this is the simplest situation ever, just download the files via FTP and upload to the new hosting. In other cases that use a database it is necessary to additionally create a DUMP of the DB and recreate an identical DB on the new hosting.

Mail Transfer

The first factor to consider when transferring mail is whether you are using the POP or IMAP protocol to access your mail. POP foresees that the mail is downloaded to the user's PC so on the server there will be nothing to transfer instead IMAP the mail remains on the server and the client uses a synchronized copy, in this case it will be necessary to transfer the same to the new hosting through specific tools.


Transferring a domain, site and mail without having disruptions requires technical knowledge and specific tools available to Utixo, we advise you to delegate to us the task of transferring the services in a professional way, quickly and accurately at no cost.

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