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.It domain registration

Let's analyze some questions for .IT domains, Utixo is a registrar for .it domains therefore it has direct management of the same at the NIC.

Who can register a .it domain name?

An unlimited number of .it domains can be registered by anyone who is of age and has citizenship, residence or headquarters in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), in the Vatican State, in the Republic of San Marino and in the Swiss Confederation.

What a .it domain name can be made up of

- An .it domain name can only consist of letters from "a" to "z", numbers from 0 to 9 and the symbol "-" (hyphen) and all NON ASCII characters belonging to the charset indicated in the "Guidelines techniques "
-It must not begin and end with the symbol" - "(hyphen) nor begin with the sequence of characters" xn-- "
-An .it domain can consist of a minimum of 3 characters up to a maximum of 63

Reserved domains

Not all domain names can be freely registered. They are reserved and non-assignable:

- names corresponding to Italian regions, provinces and municipalities (e.g.,,, etc.)
- names corresponding to network services or resources (e.g., ,, etc.), these domain names cannot be assigned even under the "predefined geographical structure"
- names corresponding to Icann gTLD "unsponsored" (eg: .com, .net, .info, .name, etc.) they can only be assigned as second-level domains (eg: to subjects presented to the .it Registry by the “competent state bodies”. 

Domain names that do not correspond to the official name of a local territorial body (s.,, can be freely registered.

Geographical domains

For domains corresponding to Italian geographical locations, a "default structure" has been created consisting of names corresponding to:

- Italian regions (e.g.;
-province (eg:;
- Italian municipalities below the province to which they belong (eg

The "predefined geographical structure" offers us the possibility to register names that also provide a geographical indication, such as: or
Geographical names (which do not correspond to names that can only be assigned to local authorities) can be registered by contacting Utixo.

Domains reserved for local territorial bodies

Names that correspond to the official denomination of Italian regions, provinces and municipalities are reserved but assignable only to local territorial bodies (e.g.,,,, comune.pisa. it,,, etc.).

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