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To transfer the management of your Workspace (G Suite) account to Utixo you need to generate a transfer TOKEN from the Google control panel.

Follow the following procedure:

  • Sign in to the admin console of your Workspace (G Suite) account see KB
  • Type the following address (pay attention to capitalization): .
  • You will be asked for confirmation on generating the token, confirm that you want to do this operation.
  • Please indicate the C01x1hvgo in the Reseller Public Identifier field.
  • Save the generated token, you will have to use it in the order phase or alternatively communicate it to Utixo if you want to delegate the transfer process to Utixo.
  • At this point you can proceed with ordering the Workspace product.


ps. If for some reason the link doesn't work, try using a Chrome browser, we have noticed that there are sometimes problems with other browsers

gogole workspace transfer code

Generating the token has no effect on the service.

This must be used when ordering or communicated to Utixo to start the transfer procedure.
The transfer token expires 14 days after generation, therefore, the transfer must take place within this period, otherwise the entire procedure must be redone.


If you want assistance you can call us or open a ticket.

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