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How to connect a Prestashop shop with Pulse
The module for Prestashop PulsePS connects your Prestashop shop with a Pulse account, feeding the contact lists with customers who register on the shop.

Module setup is simple:

  1. Download the PulsePs module.
  2. Extract the module zip file and upload the ./pulseps folder to the ./modules folder of your Prestashop site.
  3. On Prestashop, in the Module Catalog section, look for the PulsePS module.
  4. Click on Install and after installation click on Configure.
  5. The fields required for the configuration of the module are the following:
    1. Pulse hostname:
    2. Pulse Client ID: created on your Pulse account
    3. Pulse Client Secret: created on your Pulse account
    4. To confirm the data just entered, click on Save
  6. The configuration screen will now show an updated list of Pulse contact groups: choose the group to associate your Prestashop contacts with
    How to get Pulse API credentials

To obtain the Client ID and Client Secret for use with the PulsePS module, log into your Pulse account at

  1. Enter the API Clients section from the left panel.
  2. Click Create New to create a new API client.
  3. Choose a name for the API client, eg. "Prestashop API"
  4. Choose the permissions for read and write, "Read and write"
  5. Save the new client, you will now be shown the Client ID and Client Secret credentials that you can use on the Prestashop PulsePS module.

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