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Utixo manages payments in a very flexible way giving numerous options:

• Paypal

Our Paypal email is [email protected] , it is better to pay through the link on the invoice anyway so that the payment is associated with the invoice-

• Credit cards

We accept all major credit and debit cards from customers all over the world in the Visa Mastercard American Express circuits

• Bank transfer

Here are the details to pay by bank transfer:

Utixo Italia SRL
IBAN: BE50 9671 0510 4718
Bank name: TransferWise SE Europe SA NV

It is a Belgian IBAN connected to an automatic payment management system, it is not an error, credit time max. Three days.
This mode uses an exclusive Utixo technology and the management is completely automated.

In case of difficulty in making the payment to the European IBAN indicated above, please make the payment using the following Italian coordinates:

Utixo Italia SRL

IBAN: IT77C0623056840000044565778 
Address: Via Giacomo Matteotti, 26/28, 26013 Crema CR


Payments by bank transfer can take up to 5 days to be processed as it is a manual operation.
For the activation of new services upon receipt of payment these will be automatically activated.

• SEPA Direct Debit

It is also possible to have a direct debit on account (SEPA direct debit) through an agreement with our commercial offices, the SEPA Direct Debit is very convenient and safe. It typically takes 5-7 days to be credited.


The convenience of SEPA DIRECT DEBIT

We are well aware of the headache of having to remember to send this or that wire transfer every month. Not just bills, but various online services and subscriptions of all kinds require frequent payments, often even abroad. If you want to forget about it and enjoy your days while fixed expenses are paid automatically on the set date, SEPA direct debits are for you. By activating a SEPA direct debit, you authorize the withdrawal of certain payments directly from your current account, without having to do anything.

Automate payments: monthly installments and flexibility

Cloud services are managed in a fully automatic mode, they give the advantage of being very flexible and being able to activate only what is needed, at the same time they require numerous small payments. To avoid inefficiencies or data loss, we strongly recommend that you insert an automatic payment method, i.e. credit card or SEPA direct debit. In this way you can also request payment in small monthly installments, moreover Utixo will always send you payments in advance so that you can accept or stop them with a simple operation. It will be like having monthly bills.

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