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In addition to the development of high quality and security cloud services, Utixo develops its own Cloud Marketplace platform for the management of its services that allows optimal, rapid and secure management of the entire process of purchasing, provisioning, management, control, renewal of services. cloud by interfacing directly with our vendor partners through the latest generation of secure protocols. We have noticed that some customers have difficulty making payments as it is necessary to access their control panel, so we have implemented a new system that allows, through the PDF of the invoice, to be able to make the payment without remembering the login credentials. In this way it is possible to pay the invoices received quickly and easily, also being able to choose the payment method.

Utixo allows ample flexibility in the management of payments, once the invoice has been received, it is possible to click on the “Manage Payment” button directly from the pdf invoice.


This will take you directly to the control panel, once you have entered the invoice management and opened the invoice you want to pay, you can select the payment method through the following menu:


Sometimes the payment of cloud services, for example web hosting, takes place once a year and this drastically simplifies the management and avoids any disservices.

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