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What are the advantages of buying from Utixo over Google?

Utixo is a Google Workspace reseller so, from a technical point of view, nothing changes; on the other hand, the administrative / commercial advantages are: Italian electronic invoice, elimination of the need for Intrastat, the same price as Google, better commercial support (invoice deadlines, payment methods).

In particular for the public administration we can also manage split payment or purchase on the MEPA platform. Furthermore, you can have greater flexibility on payments unlike Google which ONLY manages credit cards. Utixo accepts the following forms of payment: paypal, bank transfer, SEPA debit, credit card.

In general, it is better to rely on a Google partner because the partners have a support structure that is closer to the customer, more flexible and can also provide professional services if necessary, such as configuration, backup management, security assessment.

Furthermore, the reseller like Utixo is able to manage all business problems at 360 ° including many other aspects of the Internet presence such as the website, DNS management, site forms, email marketing, all aspects that are strictly legal with use of Google Workspace and requiring correct configurations.

IT security is another important point because it necessarily requires an overall and uniform management of all cloud services.

Utixo assigns a consultant dedicated to enterprise-level customers, a direct contact that allows a better knowledge of the customer's needs, a quick response and a level of service that big vendors like Google cannot provide.

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