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Following the order and payment, it is possible to transfer a domain with a tld other than .it (eg: com,net,org,info,biz,eu)

ANALYTICAL PROCEDURE AND INFO after ordering online:
1) ask the current manager domain, domain transfer AUTHORIZATION code
2) provide us with this code
3) within 48 hours the domain admin (email entered in the whois contacts by the previous manager) will receive an email in English from our Registrar asking to accept the transfer
4) once accepted the transfer our Registrar will notify the current Registrar
5) The current registrar will contact you via email for further acceptance
6) accept the transfer again
7) within a few days (the timing depends on the registrars, they can vary from 7 to 30 days) if the procedure is successful we will contact you informing you that we have processed the transfer and changed the domain DNS.


Domains may not be transferable if
-the domain is expiring at the Registrar (Registrars usually do not accept transfers in the last 12 days)
-the domain has expired (in this case you will have to renew it at the 'current Registrar)
- the domain was registered in the last 60 days. Domains are transferable 60 days after registration
- the domain must not be in Registrar-Lock. If in Registrar lock request the release to the current manager
- the email of the ADMIN contact of the domain is not a valid email. Ask the current manager for the change


-If you do not receive any email within 48 hours of the transfer request (sending authorization code), contact us so that we can check the case and request a new transfer authorization email
-Transfer times cannot be determined. As already indicated, they can take from 7 to 30 days even if there are cases in which a transfer took more than 30 days to be successful.
-Some Hosters register domains by entering their own data and not the customer's in the contacts. In these cases you will have to work to be able to agree with the current manager to be able to transfer the domain: change the data by inserting yours or agree so that they themselves will respond to the transfer acceptance emails.
-After sending the AUTHORIZATION CODE, monitor the admin email since the email is valid for 5 days. The transfer acceptance email is valid for 5 days, therefore after 5 days we must have the registrar resend a new transfer email 

Procedure summary:
-request Authorization Code from the current domain manager
-from the moment we have the Authorization Code and the domain is not in LOCK we start the transfer
request -from the first request 24/48 hours pass before the admin receives the email with transfer request (email in English from our registrar)
-after accepting the transfer (click on the link indicated in the registrar's email) our Registrar will contact the current Registrar informing him of the transfer
-after 48/72 hours from the notification, the current registrar will send a new email asking for definitive confirmation of the transfer
- 48/72 hours after the final acceptance of the transfer, the domain passes to our Registrar
- you will receive an informative email about the completed transfer
- after 12/24 hours that our Registrar has taken over the domain, the domain will point to our DNS

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