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A sender policy framework (SPF) record allows your mail server to send email on behalf of your domain. This helps prevent spammers from sending messages with a spoofed email address claiming to be from your domain.

If you have a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account, you can add an SPF record for your domain.

To correctly configure the SPF record it is necessary:

- Indicate the IPs relating to the site as the site may also send some emails to the domain name

- Add the include indication: _spf.google.com ~ all

To do this from cpanel select the "authentication" item activate the SPF function and add the _spf.google.com item in the "inclusion list"

SPF record example: v = spf1 ip4: include: _spf.google.com ~ all

where ip4: is the IP of the hosted domain, it can also be more IPs

It is important to include in addition to the google SPF also the IP of the server that hosts the website otherwise any hosted FORM will not work.

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