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It is possible to become a Utixo agent by sending your application which will be evaluated and eventually accepted.

Who is the Utixo agent

The Utixo agent is a professional or company operating in the ICT, graphics, marketing, software development or other sectors related to cloud services.

Utixo will evaluate the applications before activating the relevant agency account to ensure customers the due technical and commercial quality.

How agent Utixo works

The Utixo business model envisages:

  • Associate with the customer agent, customers will have the agent as the first technical and commercial contact and will see the direct contact details of their agent in their management panel.
  • Give agents access to their customers' control panels, view the status of services, make technical and commercial changes, be able to operate on customer services and receive related communications.
  • To have paid a commission based on the total sales volume of the customers associated with them even if the customer had placed orders on his own.
  • Give the customer technical, commercial and consulting support on Utixo cloud services for their correct and effective implementation through the assigned agent.


Customers from their control panel can in turn request to have an associated agent they know follow them and Utixo can also assign new customers to registered agents upon their agreement.

What Utixo offers

Utixo offers its agents:

  • Interesting commissions on the total commercial volume managed by customers
  • Exclusive customer assignment, once any order is assigned it generates commissions
  • Possibility of customer assignment by Utixo
  • Periodic training on the cloud services offered
  • Direct contact to technical and commercial staff (no help desk)
  • A specific Agent control panel where you can see all commercial transactions, the list of customers, a tool to be able to create quotes and the ability to collect commissions in total autonomy.

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