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To associate a client in your agent control panel you have two web links, which are located in the Agents section of your control panel:

  • The Referral link is used to create a simple Client / Agent association: the agent earns commissions on customer orders, without being the Service Manager.
  • The Service Manager link is used to create a Client / Agent association in which the agent has the role of Service Manager for the client: in addition to earning commissions, the Service Manager has access to his client's panel to assist him in managing the services and of orders.

The Referral link

the Referral link is meant to be distributed publicly. You can use it as a link for banners, social media posts, forum signatures, etc.
Users who click the Referral link are directed to our shop and, if they register or place an order, a simple Customer / Agent association is automatically created.

  • To share on social media or with banners
  • Automatic Client / Agent Association
  • Earnings in commissions without managing the customer's Service Manager
  • Your agent contacts (email, phone) are not shared with the customer

The Service Manager Link

The Service Manager link is designed to be sent directly to existing clients (already registered clients or potential clients) to create a Customer / Service Manager association and thus be able to manage services and orders for the customer, with their awareness and consent.

When a user/client clicks on the link from Service Manager, he is directed to our site to confirm consent to the management of his panel by the Service Manager.
If the user has not logged in or is not yet registered, he will be asked to register or login before accessing the consent page.

How an agent can register a new customer to be associated

If the clients does not yet have an account on our system, you can also register for him by logging out of your user and clicking on Register.
To then associate the newly registered customer with your agent profile, visit your Service Manager link while logged into the customer's account.

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