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When you need to extend a disk of a Linux system Centos Utixo provides the physical space and then necessary for the root user to execute commands to make sure that the space is actually available.
Here are the commands to use:

To view the disk status: df -h make a note of the name of the partition you want to extend, here is the step-by-step procedure:

  • Extend the physical disk through the VMWARE console
  • Extend the physical partition via the GPARTED tool, map the ISO reboot the system and follow the instructions
  • Login as root on the console or SSH
  • use command: lvextend -l + 100% FREE / dev / cl / home or use partition name as shown in df -h command
  • Since we are using the XFS file system, the correct command is: xfs_growfs / dev / cl / home (or the same partition name as the previous command)


This procedure is valid only for Utixo Centos7 servers and requires root access to resources so it can only be performed by Utixo staff at the request of the customer



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