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Utixo allows you to monitor your server through a periodic query of one or more active service on the server.

The service is included in some plans and in any case can be purchased on our portal, the product name is "Monitoring Basic Cloud Services".

The service has the following fetures :

Monitoring Features

  • Monitoring intervals - Supports time-intervals of 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 and 60 Min. for monitoring service
  • Email and SMS alert - Members are notified by email and/or SMS
  • Multiple Contacts per monitors
  • Multiple monitoring service - Members can monitor more than 1 website or domain names
  • Response Time
  • Retest Error
  • Length of Downtime
  • SMS / Email Alerts based on Length of Downtime
  • Create a ticket when a server goes offline. (You can automatically send an email to your provider during downtime to ask for a reboot or other assistance)
  • Monitoring supports the following protocols:
    • HTTP: Web Server
    • POP3: Email Server
    • SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
    • SSL: Secure Socket Layer
    • DNS: Domain Name System
    • FTP: File Transfer Protocol
    • HTTPS: Secure Web Server
    • MYSQL: MySQL Databases
    • IMAP: Internet Message Access
    • TCP: Custom Ports
    • PINGS: Sends an echo command to the target host/device, helping you to verify IP Level Connectivity, useful for hosts as well as for devices like routers and firewalls
    • Website Url Monitoring
    • Keyword Monitoring alert when keyword (exists/doesn't exist) on URL with include username/password authentication
    • Spam Blacklist Check Service: Checks IP/Hostname address with Spam Blacklists
    • Header Status

Here is a screenshot of what you can see in your control panel:

VPS uptime monitor

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