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Many people ask us what nameservers are, what DNS records are, and what is the difference between the two. 
This article will provide a general overview of these topics, but we will not go into the more technical aspects of this discussion. 

Nameservers "tell" DNS resolvers how to locate DNS records for a domain. 
When you bind name servers to your domain, you are telling DNS resolvers on the Internet to "look here" for the appropriate DNS records for the associated domains. For example, DNS records control which web servers to use for the website and which mail servers to use for email. If you are using a particular hosting provider for your website and / or email, it often makes sense to use their name servers as they will typically set up the appropriate DNS records for you.

It is important to set the nameservers correctly, this is the Utixo procedure.

  1. Enter the customer area
  2. Identify the domain for which to set the nameservers from the "Domains" menu and select it, then click on "Manage Nameservers"

  3. From here you can set the default Utixo DNS or the desired ones


Utixo's default nameservers are: [''] [''] [''] [''] 

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