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On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union comes into force, a complex legislation that adds new protections for all citizens residing in the EU. The legislation recognizes the right of individuals to data portability, to be forgotten, to be informed transparently on the processing of their information and to be promptly notified of any security breaches.

Among the numerous points touched by the GDPR regulation, one of the most important ones is certainly the protection of data and the backup of the same. For this reason, the topic closely affects all companies that store and manage sensitive customer data such as Service Providers.

Below we give a detail on the default system of Utixo VPS.
Features of Utixo backup for VPS

  • Full backup
    We create a full backup, that is, we protect the entire VPS and not just the data by accessing directly from the Hypervisor, that is, without installing software agents on the systems.
  • Encryption
    We use built-in end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, with the ability to encrypt backup files and data at source (during backup), during transfer and at destination, a key feature to comply with GDPR Articles 32 and 44

  • Storage
    We use storage physically allocated in a specific area of ​​the production datacenter, ISO / IEC 27001 certified datacenter, on request we can activate backups or replicas (DR) on remote datacenters connected at high speed always ISO / IEC 27001 certified.

  • Planning and management
    By default, the backup foresees the last 5 days at times between 19 and 08, it is possible to agree on different schedules on the basis of customer existences. The backup is controlled and monitored.

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