Manually configuring Outlook with Exchange 2016 Print

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Configuration panel
Changes are made with a Windows operating system.

Access the configuration panel of your computer.

Select Display small icons to display the "Mail" or "Mail (32-bit)" icons

Click on Mail or Mail (32-bit). It can also be accessed directly from Outlook.

Click on Mail Accounts


Step 2: add a new email account
Click on New to add a new Exchange account.

Step 3: mail account
Select Mail Accounts and click Next.


Step 4: manual account configuration
Select Manual configuration or additional server types

Click on Next.

Step 5: choose a service
Select Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible server

Click on Next.

Step 6: server parameters
Server: enter the name of the Exchange server you find in the image below.

Username: enter the username you have been given, eg. test.utixo and not the full email address.

Click on Additional Settings:

Step 7: Exchange proxy settings
Under Connection, select "Access Microsoft Exchange over HTTP".

Click on Exchange proxy parameters.


Step 8: connection parameters
In the "Use this URL to access my proxy server for Exchange" field, enter

Select "Log in using SSL only"

Also select “On slow networks, log in in HTTP and then in TCP / IP”.

Click OK.

Step 9: authentication
In the authentication window on the Exchange server, enter our domain: acs-hosting \ username (eg test.utixo) and not the full email address, and your password.

Remember to select "Remember Credentials".

Your account is configured correctly, start Outlook!

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