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What is Outlook?

Outlook is an email and PIM client that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. The program is mainly used as a personal information manager or electronic agenda by relying on one or more Exchange accounts.

Outlook uses the MAPI protocol which allows efficient management of Exchange server mailboxes, even large ones, and allows you to create a local copy of the mailbox to be able to use it even when you do not have an Internet connection.

1. Add Exchange accounts in Outlook

If you are setting up your first Exchange account you simply need to open Outlook and continue with step 2

  1. Open your Outlook and select the File section at the top left and click on the Add account button

  2. Enter the email address of your Exchange account and click Connect

  3. On the next screen select the Exchange item

  4. In the Windows Security pop-up click on More options and enter your e-mail address as username, enter the password in the appropriate field and select to memorize it

  5. If all the steps have been performed correctly Outlook displays the following screen

    At this point the configuration is completed successfully, just click on the Done button and wait for Outlook to download your Exchange profile from the server


2. Access your mail via WebMail (OWA)

We remind you that you can always access your mail, calendar and contacts without installing a specific client, this is possible thanks to the Outlook on the web (OWA) application accessible via the following link:


You can log in with your e-mail address (entered in the Username field ) and password

3. Exchange account configuration via IMAP / POP3 and SMTP protocols

If you need to use your Exchange mailbox via IMAP / POP3 and SMTP protocols use the following parameters to configure the mail client:

  • Server hostname: mail.utixo.eu
  • SMTP port: 587 TLS
  • IMAP port: 993 SSL
  • POP3 port: 995 SSL
  • The username is your email address

We remind you that you must still use authentication via your e-mail address and password in order to receive / send via the IMAP / POP3 and SMTP protocols

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