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It is possible to use graphic elements in your emails thanks to 5 functionalities.

If you add many elements, the email will have a high weight.

  1. Write a message or take an existing one.

  2. If the message that was a draft opens in the reading pane, click Popup.

Insert an option in those in the Illustrations group

Select an option in the Illustrations group

  1. Images it is possible to select an image from the files of the pc which can be rotated and resized following the insertion or you can choose them from bing images .
  2. Gifs can be inserted from Images online
  3. Shapes Click a shape. To change the shape options, right-click the shape and then choose a command.
  4. SmartArt you can select an editable graphic template and you can also write text on it, options available with right mouse button.
  5. Chart you can select a chart type.
  6. Excel you can add an excel chart with its features

Additional tools

  • Wordart is a special decorative text to insert it go to insert then wordart .

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