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Instructions for setting up website monitoring.

Access your Utixo control panel and locate the purchased Monitoring service from the list of services.

VPS Monitoring

If the service was purchased as an addon to a hosting profile then the configuration can be accessed via the menu at the top left:



Access the configuration using the "Manage Monitoring" button, the following screen is accessed:

add monitoring

Click on Add Monitoring, the following window will be displayed:

add monitoring service utixo

Explanation of the parameters to be configured:

Monitoring Type

Port: when you want to monitor if a specific port responds to requests.
Keyword: when you want to monitor

First name

Name the monitor

Monitoring Network

Probe from which monitoring can be carried out, depending on the profile purchased on it can also monitor simultaneously from different locations (EU, USA, etc)


ip or URL (domain) to monitor 


Indicate the port to monitor (443 or 80 to monitor the availability of a website)


Control frequency, depending on the type of monitoring purchased, a higher or lower frequency can be selected

Typical configuration for monitoring the availability of a website

web Site availability monitoring with key word

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